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Can a dress be altered up??????

Was delighted to find the exact dress i wanted on ebay and being sold in Ireland for great price. Am going to view it but wondered...Its a size 2 (8-10)....Now the dress i tried in the bridal shop was a14 and too big so was told id need a 12!! This may be utterly stupid thing to ask but can a dress be let out/ altered up!! Thanks all x

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I'm not a dressmaker, so I'm by no means sure, but I would say that it depends on how much 'spare' fabric there is in the seams, as well as the style of the dress. If the dress is being sold on eBay, does that mean that it is second-hand, and so may have been taken in already to fit the previous owner? If that was the case, I'd be far more confident about getting it let out.

However, the best way to know might be to ask the seller.

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4 years 9 months ago

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